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UAE's First Regional Fishing App is here

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The App

Built and designed
by Anglers

Elite Fishin’ is the first regional sport fishing app in the Middle East developed by fishing enthusiasts as a dedicated social platform for anglers.


Network with anglers, share and record your fishing life, discover new techniques, join groups, discover the latest hotspots, participate in regional competitions and stay updated with the fishing world with a few clicks 24/7.



Everything you need to follow the fish. Well, almost. We are still working on adding more features in the next release.
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Beta Version Reviews

“When I started out here in UAE,  it was hard to find good spots and genuine anglers. This app is going be a game changer”

Callum - @chasetheangler

“My instafeed is full of random things instead of fishing stuff i like to see. EF is amazing and a gold mine for anglers like me.

Wisam Ahmed

I used this app at FOFT competition and met the team. Happy to see that there's a dedicated app only for us anglers this side of the world.

Allen David

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